Angus Beef x Heifers to fatten ( GST Inclusive ) Free Delivery . It is also part of a research project of the Triangle Agricultural Research Center in 1974 on the influence of the cow breed selection on its growth rate. The 30-year project was started in the early 1970s with the ultimate goal being to produce more beef per acre. Cowboy WC Rhinestone Cowboy 43943637is our new heterogeneous Polled Registered Miniature Hereford Bull. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Phone calls only please $2,400 Negotiable Exeter, TAS 24/01/2023 Beef Bulls for sale $30 per straw for Registered or Unregistered use. He is a handsome little raised and will be ready to wean at 4 months of age. Purebred cattle can be registered through the American Lowline Breed Registry after DNA testing to assure purity. Her mom is Pearl and her dad is Scrappy. Mini Crosssbreed heifers - Hereford x Lowline Angus - YouTube 0:00 / 1:42 Mini Crosssbreed heifers - Hereford x Lowline Angus 3,223 views Jan 21, 2016 This video is for breeder in Wyoming. She is out of a mini Hereford cross cow. All sales are final. He is very dark in color, pigmented around both eyes and is extremely gentle. Highland cattle societies are also found in Scotland, Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. 2/2/2023. He For the next 35 years, top purebred Angus cattle from Scotland, Canada, and the United States, were brought into the herd. He was calved on 4/18/22. Lowline/Hereford cross heifer calf. The Reg (pending ) purebred bull was born on Christmas day of 2021. Big Island Lowlines has sold bulls to cattlemen wanting to downsize their herd, and subsequently their feed bill and calving losses. They mature more quickly than the standard breeds. Goshen NY 10924 The house at 308 Lowline Dr Clarksville, TN 37043 was built in 2020 and was last sold on 01/28/2021. At one year of age, Lowline females weigh in the 450-500 pound range while one year old bulls weigh in the 550-650 pound range. Unlike Wal-Mart, we are She is sired by our previous mini jersey bull Primo and out of a home grown so he can sire red or black calves depending on the cows he is bred to. Lowline have superior carcass qualities. Copyright 2023 Email: Your email address will not be published. Consider some important facts from the Australian research center: LowLines have superior carcass traits with 30% larger ribeye area per hundredweight than any other breed and excellent marbling. They require less acreage and cost less to house making them perfect for small farms. Reg# HB003365: Owner: Jo Bulls LLC, (Brock Johansen) - Castle Dale, UT. will be a great little homestead milk cow. Low birth weight, fast early growth rate, moderate mature growth rate The cuts are smaller, which is desirable in todays beef consumer market. I try to keep this web We had a breeder from western Montana showing at the fair in Spokane this fall: We raise several breeds of mini cattle and full size cattle. Less bone, more meat Cows start their breeding age from 13-15 months old, while bulls start later from 1 year old. System 2: Use Charolais terminal cross bulls. lowline bull, Willie. All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy. $3500 or best offer. He is sired by our red lowline bull Willie. She is out of,, The aim of this research is to know whether large or small cows could convert grass to meat more efficiently. He is sired by our previous mini jersey bull Primo and out Newborn calves weigh approximately 45-53 pounds (20-24 kg). If you have a small farm, you want to maximize value. Miniature Shorthorn and The Lowline herd was released onto the Australian market in 1992, and came to North America in 1996. The program is described here, something that will mature at 40-42 inches tall, with a nice level topline Your email address will not be published. The carcasses have less back fat and have superb marbling. Highland cows will average 900-1200 pounds when mature. Angus, Angus Cross, Red Angus, Hereford Cross, Black Hereford. Mobile: 0418 759 458 Once we have a new bull and he nears breeding 1. They also dont need high or strong fencing or be as destructive as larger cattle breeds. He will make a very nice homestead type to, she could have red, black gray or orange colored calves. Price Description: $3500 or best offer. Miniature Shorthorn and doesn't sell, I'll be just as happy for her to stay here. The best way to get females is to Calving losses are extremely low. In a study at Manyberries Research Station, Canada, groups of Hereford, Highland andHighland/Hereford crosses were tested. Hereford. so he will be as well. The most perfect loving and care free mini that we have on the ranch. Carcasses produce higher than average yield This handsome fellow is out ofAHR Neron's Thunder (29920) an Ardrossan bull that was the 2018 Reserve Grand Champion Fullblood Bull. This is a Although Lowline Angus can produce milk, they are not bred for milk and meat production like Dexter. The Australian LowLine cattle came from a cattle research project conduced by the New South Wales Department of Agriculture located in Trangie, Australia. Like the Hereford, they are created by breeding only the smallest livestock available. The bulls weigh 950 to 1,350 pounds. I milked her as well and sent the milk in for butterfat and protein With reduced feed can still turn a little profit. Another reason this cow breed became more popular on small commercial farms is that it is easy to raise and calf with low feed intake and fencing costs. Belted Galloway, Miniature Hereford, and Lowline Black Angus cross Tyrian and RPM Give customers a reason to do business with you. They are easy to raise and require only 1/3 feed intake than larger breeds. Commercial heifers bred to a Lowline bull calve easily and breed back quickly, reducing calving interval. JavaScript is disabled. birth. Sire: SCC King John Henry. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Poll Hereford Bull Registered Breeder 17 month old Poll Hereford Bull, very quiet, full breeding history available $3000.00+GST $3,000 Negotiable Somerset, TAS 25/01/2023 Cow and calf Hereford x cow with 3 month old Friesian steer calf - $2400 negotiable. gene. The Lowline Angus are raised mainly for beef production. Lowlines have a lifespan of 12-25 years, are good foragers; hardy, easy keepers. At this age, cows have an average weight of 710 pounds (320kg), while bulls can reach over 880 pounds (400kg). 10 month old Black Baldie Bull. Lowline cows are natural mothers and provide ample milk. She is 3/4 mini jersey. She is also one of our best cows. Semen stored at Champion Genetics in Canton TX, $30per straw for Registered or Unregistered use, $25 Certificate for Percentage or Purebred Calves, "Oliver" or Hot Stuffs Lighting 25612is our Purebred searching for a new fullblood lowline bull. They eat 30-40% less than their full size counterparts They possess a gentle disposition making them easy to handle. He is polled. You cant go wrong with him., $35per straw for Registered or Unregistered use, Thank you for visiting Oliver Miniature Acres. This handsome Lowline cross bull was calved white face. Ideally he will be black and carry a copy of the red At Banbury Cross Farm, we raise Scottish Highland and Scottish Highland cross cattle. free ads on the internet. Super sweet with a curious nature! In 1964, the research centre closed the herd to outside animals and 10 years later began to research three distinct growth rates within the herd; one with high yearling growth rates, one with low yearling growth rates, and one control group. The meat is tender and tasty. Honeybun is a mini jersey zebu 8076 W Farm Road 168 109 Coleman Road Save search and get notified when new items are posted. unable to take something back and sell it again tomorrow. They can double their birth weight within the first 6 weeks. (845) 321-9054, At Banbury Cross Farm, Breed Size & Height. After reading this article on Lowline Angus, you have understood that this cow breed is an affordable yet profitable choice for meat production on small farms. He is 1 Pedigree Hereford Breeding Cow with Calf at Foot . All reasonable offers . Located SW of Eckville $800.00 2022 Commercial Lowline Heifers Regina 16/01/2023 Lowline commercial heifers to sell. Big Red - a 7 month old Red Angus bull calf for cross breeding Red One - an 8 month old fullblood Red Lowline Angus bull calf for cross breeding Our 37% Lowline cow with a 18% calf from our Classic Hereford bull. Another significant attribute of the breed for the commercial beef market is the high yield percentage that Lowline provide. He Their docile temperament makes them easy and a pleasure to manage. Finish a tasty, well-marbled product on minimal grain. out of a mini Hereford cross cow. Romans 12:12, Other Breeders - Mini Herefords For Sale, Other Breeders - Crossbred and Other Minis For Sale, Other Breeders - Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus For Sale, AHR Diesel 1G - Fullblood Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus, Oliver Hot Stuffs Lighting - Purebred Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus, 3B Shoman - Fullblood Lowline (Aberdeen) Angus. Contact: Yvonne McDonnell Irbernley Australian Lowlines. He is technically black, but that dilution makes him a smoky gray. LowLine cattle are not just another novelty breed. This pretty Lowline cross heifer was calved on 2/12/23. Silverhills Lowlines is located on the edge of the Monashee Mountains east of Vernon B.C. $50 Certificate for Fullblood Calves. The seed cattle to form the foundation of this herd were purchased from Canada, America, Scotland, and Australia. This cow is due to calf in May 2018. on 2/12/23. A 1000-1200 pound heifer will produce a calf weighing 60-80 pounds. Importations of Scottish stock, embryos and semen in the US and Canada have served toassure continuation of the Highland pool in North America. Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 30800 Telegraph Rd, Suite 1921, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 USA. last year or two. OFC KJH Might Lil Lola. He is unrelated to either of the heifers mentioned above. Add to favorites View detail Compare listing. guy. Please read my disclaimer for additional details. Lowline cross animals reach slaughter requirements compatible with other breeds on roughly 1/3 to 1/2 less feed, and will wean more pounds of calf per acre. we had to pen her off with the goats so she wouldn't wreck her udder ! We have a mini Hereford we love her but we do have a small place too but this way we can keep her more easily the odd thing is her weight,though she is short she weighs a lot at four months old she weighed 450 lbs she is heavier now but just not getting taller also she doesn't require as much feed as any other full sized yearling, i would guess her at 800 lbs but only 36 inches at the shoulder and she may weigh a little more then that but i don't want to exaggerate. given no antibiotics ever He is out of a mini jersey x zebu cow that we raised here. hereford cross cow. jersey. Our second trip to KP Ranch in September 2010 has added three bred cows, two heifers, and our . She has great calves with no trouble. Queensland Lowline Plus Sale Yard. This beautiful heifer is extra fuzzy like her siblings. best of . He is black but carries a copy of the red gene She was calved on 7/26/22. While a female cow only produces one calf per time, there might sometimes be twins or even triplets. Lowline cattle are a natural choice for the small acreage farmer. She is around 36" and has produced some of the smallest calves yet. Efficiency - Performance - Fertility - Functionality - Soundness Nearest School. For Sale: 1 Angus Cross, Black Hereford, Lowline Bulls Price : CALL His sire is a 40 inch Hereford and his dam is a very very short small Angus cow who weighed 40 lbs at birth. Excellent ease of calving Lowlines are black hided and naturally polled. He should make a nice little beef bull. & Then Again Farm Highland cows will average 900-1200 pounds when mature. This gorgeous heifer was calved on 2/4/2023. He is ready to be introduced to your heifers! We now accept The future is promising for Lowline cattle. The Highland cross female is of moderate size, hardy with a long productive life and, when mated . I am looking forward to see what he brings us this summer! Save up to 30% when you upgrade to an image pack. What more could you ask for? Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android . Lowlines are extremely rare and offer an excellent value for seedstock producers to meet the growing demand for breeding animals. The Lowline Angus breed was first developed in 1929 from a registered dwarf-free Aberdeen Angus herd established in the Trangie Research Center in Australia. Both heifers good and healthy. Bred to a Hereford bull. Interest in the smaller animals was great, and a new breed, Lowline was created. contact list for new calves. - He is the sire of Jo Black Jack 4217 and other amazing sires in the ABHA. From there the LowLine was finally introduced into the United States in 1997. - Has proven calving ease. The Reg (pending ) purebred bull was born on Christmas day of 2021. LowLines are also an outstanding new breed for the small acre ranch. If you change your mind, you forfeit your deposit. He would be a bull to build His dam, Annie is 1/2 lowline x 1/2 zebu. She is sired by our red Lowline bull Willie. This 4% increase, or 20 pounds in this example, is defined as heterosis or hybrid vigor. American Lowline Registery has started a type of breed-up program in the The only difference between a Hereford and a Miniature Hereford is the height, the Miniature has the same body profile in terms of proportion to a full sized Hereford. Her dam has a very nice udder and always raises a nice calf. . I recently discovered that the - Registered Fullblood Lowline Angus (Aberdeen) - DOB 4/9/21. Save Search. In this research, the selected herds were Lowline, Highline, and Control Line, and they are evaluated based on several factors like weight gain, feed intake, carcass yield, milk production, reproductive performance, quality, and structural soundness. Excellent steak makers, super milkers and great mamas. Lowline Angus cows have a short gestation period of only 271 days, which is relatively short compared to other larger breeds. bull for someone. FOR SALE . Conversely, these numbers for a Wagyu farm of Wagyu are only 151.1 pounds and 55%. Lowline feed requirements are significantly lower than larger sized animalsat one third the nutritional requirements of larger cross-bred cattle, LowLines will still wean 40% or more retail product per acre. would like to be on the contact list for new calves. is out of a Lowline cross cow. She is an absolute love-bug, and we can't wait to see her future calves. She is locate one that is not too much bigger than our current cows. Depending on the cows he is bred to, he The average mature bull is 43 inches tall and weighs 1200 pounds. The table is the results for an 800 pound carcass, yield grade 3.0 - 3.25 from beef or Holstein cattle. Adaptability . Lowline Angus cows are naturally polled and have no horns. We need to downsize. Hate to take her to the sale barn. They are known as great moms with excellent maternal instincts, have easy birth delivery in 12-16 hours with little to no birth issues. Miniature Hereford, Lowline or Aberdeen Angus, British White and Belted Galloway cross. Private beef sales have been a very successful aspect of Lowline and Lowline cross operations in Canada. Jig- Lowline/mini Hereford Bull 3 horses, dozens of chickens, 3 cats and sweet Lilly, the redbone coon hou. Hormone and antibiotic free miniature cattle are the foundation of a new beef industrya feed efficient, low fat, very tender, flavorful beef that fits today's lifestyle. Sire and dam are A2/A2, Location. They can provide milk for their kids for up to 10 months (305 days). "Everybody was telling me what a good cross that is. GOOD + BAD CREDIT CAR LOANS - WE APPROVE EVERYONE! 18/01/2023. He is sired by our red Lowline bull Willie. Indeed, this cow breed is also known to have high reproductive performance. She was to small for their bulls and friends didn't want to lose her to a calving problem so we used our Dexter bull. Suggested Searches: bull lowline cattle lowline angus steers lowline bull. miniature cows. Zebu. This project ended in 1970, demonstrating the effectiveness of performance testing on the stud herd and initiating performance testing in Australia.
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